Vacancy, vacant in every way!

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Vacancy, vacant in every way! Empty Vacancy, vacant in every way!

Post  X on Thu Jun 28, 2007 1:30 am

Im so annoyed after watching the movie vacancy recently. The film is about a couple whos car brake down, stay at a crappy hotel and end up having to escape being killed.....original isnt it? Don't get me wrong the film was quite scary it just wasnt very original. There wasnt anything special about the movie and throughout the whole film I was waiting for some crazy twist to save this stinker of a movie but none came. After leaving the cinema I felt that I had wasted the last 77 mins of my life. Theres a point in the film where you get the feeling the writers suffered from writers block Very Happy You'll know where if you see this movie. The ending takes the mic! I couldnt believe it when the ending credits finished. This film was such a let down, if you do watch it then watch it when it comes on tv because it really isnt worth paying for. Mad
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